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Safe Sport Guidelines

SCV Water Polo is committed to providing a safe environment for all players.

Safe Sport Handbook

1. Introduction
- The purpose of this handbook is to outline the safe sport policies and guidelines for SCV Water Polo, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants, including athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers.
- SCV Water Polo is committed to providing a positive and safe environment for everyone involved in the sport.

2. Code of Conduct
- All participants, including athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers, are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respectful and ethical behavior.
- The code of conduct should address topics such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, and inappropriate behavior.
- SCV Water Polo will provide clear guidelines on expected behavior and consequences for violations.

3. Screening and Background Checks
- SCV Water Polo will implement a thorough screening process for all coaches, officials, and volunteers working with athletes.
- Background checks should be conducted on all individuals in accordance with local regulations and best practices.
- The organization will maintain updated records of screening and background checks for all personnel.

4. Training and Education
- SCV Water Polo will provide comprehensive training programs for coaches, officials, and volunteers to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to create a safe and positive environment.
- Training should include topics such as abuse prevention, concussion management, first aid, and emergency response.
- Participants will be required to complete the appropriate training before working with athletes.


5. Athlete Safety and Welfare
- SCV Water Polo will prioritize the safety and welfare of its athletes.
- Measures should be in place to protect athletes from abuse, harassment, and any form of mistreatment.
- The organization will have clear reporting procedures for athletes to report concerns or incidents.

6. Reporting and Response Procedures
- SCV Water Polo will establish a transparent and confidential reporting system for all participants to report any concerns, suspicions, or incidents related to misconduct or safety violations.
- Reports will be taken seriously, thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken.
- Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible during the reporting and investigation process.

7. Supervision and Monitoring
- Adequate supervision and monitoring mechanisms will be in place during practices, competitions, and other events.
- Coaches, officials, and volunteers will be responsible for ensuring the safety of athletes and
addressing any potential risks or issues.

8. Communication and Parental Involvement
- SCV Water Polo will maintain open and regular communication channels with athletes, parents, and guardians.
- Parents will be encouraged to actively participate and engage in their child's water polo activities, fostering a supportive environment.

9. Anti-Doping Policy
- SCV Water Polo will comply with all anti-doping regulations and policies set forth by the appropriate governing bodies.
- Athletes, coaches, and officials will be educated about anti-doping rules, prohibited substances, and the importance of fair play.


10. Review and Continuous Improvement
- SCV Water Polo will regularly review and update its safe sport policies and procedures to ensure they align with current best practices and regulations.
- Feedback from participants, parents, and other stakeholders will be sought to improve the effectiveness of the policies.


Note: This handbook is created from the following USA Water Polo SafeSport Code from which all USA approved coaches have been trained.

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