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Funadamentals of the Game


This is our entry level course for all athletes. Open to boys and girls ages 8-15.  introducing young water polo players to club water polo by laying a foundation of fundamental skills, character and value lessons, and plenty of water polo fun.

Good swimming ability is essential, as water polo is hard to enjoy if you are barely able to keep up with the other players.

Swimmer should be able to swim 50 yards freestyle and have a familiarity with the breast stoke 

Age-Group Program


This is our competitive level for boys and girls ages 8-15 who have been moved up from the Level 1 (Fundamentals class). In this class we focus on developing athletes to achieve their own potential in a fun, positive, team-oriented environment.  Challenging, but not overwhelming, we work on developing physical conditioning, passing, shooting, defensive positioning, team tactics, and teamwork. 


Scrimmages and tournaments are in addition to their regular scheduled practices.

Co-ed teams are for 12 and under only.


Club/ High School Program

This is the final stage for the non-coed program. Players, experienced to novice, focus on enhancing and strengthening fundamentals, conditioning, tactics, and teamwork of varsity high school-level competition. Our team is comprised of athletes from multiple high schools in the SCV with varying abilities. 


Scrimmages and tournaments are in addition to their regular scheduled practices.


Adult League Water Polo

Masters Water Polo program is a co-ed, multi-skill level group. Open to all post-high school or post-college athletes. Members' ages range from 18 to 50+, while experience levels include high school, college and college club to national and international levels as well.


Fall 2023 Schedule

This is based on start of 9/28 

2023 Fall schedule.PNG
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