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Sat Jan 28,2023

Camping chairs and cameras came to watch the SCVWP Waves in a scrimmage game against the Rose Bowl Gold Academy team. Director Tony Brown said, "It gives them some opportunities to play others.” This was the first game of the 2023 winter season and the SCVWP looks to have several more in the upcoming months. “The coaches are amazing, not only with each individual kid but also as an entire team. Very encouraging/uplifting and you can feel their love for the game,” commented Marlene Anschultz whose son plays for the SCWP club.

Local water polo players celebrate victories at US Water Polo Junior Olympics

AUGUST 1, 2023

Emory Brown, 11, Ellis Sacchetto, 10, Paul Gommel, 10, and Jackson Brosche, 11, represented the SCV Waves and “showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork, triumphing in two thrilling games against tough competitors from across the country,” according to a news release from the water polo club. 

The four-day U.S. Water Polo Junior Olympics draws participants from all over the country. “We are incredibly proud of our young athletes from Santa Clarita Valley who represented the SCV Waves with such skill and sportsmanship at the U.S. Water Polo Junior Olympics,” coach Tony Brown said in the release. 



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