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Playing Time Policy

  1. Playing time at all competitions (defined as tournaments, games, and/or scrimmages) will be determined by the coaching staff and the coaching staff alone.  There are a wide variety of factors that determine playing time and all coaches will adhere to the following guidelines when determining playing time.

  2. Players ability

  3. Players' attitude, focus, attendance, and sportsmanship at practices and/or competitions

  4. The number of players present at a competition

  5. The level of play and skill for any competition.

  6. Players adherence to the behaviors and duties expected of them as stated in the club code of conduct

  7. These factors may increase or decrease playing time, including no playing time at all, at any competition.  Any violation of any rule in the club code of conduct can and will affect playing time.  Please refer to the code of conduct document for further details.

  8. The club defines two different types of competitions that we will participate in.  Those types of competitions are:Championship competitions (National Tournaments/games including but not limited to: JO’s, JO Quals, or any other end of season travel tournament, Futures League, Cal Cup, or any other competitions defined as championship by the club)

  9. At championship competitions, the goal is to place as high as possible, including winning every game played while staying in line with our club policies and core values.  Playing time may not be equal at championship competitions and is at the discretion of the coaching staff to distribute playing time with the ultimate goal of winning.

  10. Development competitions (Scrimmages with other clubs, Ventura League, or any other competitions defined as developmental by the club)

  11. At developmental competitions, the goal is to help develop skills and improve each player as much as possible.  At these competitions, winning is not as important as is trying to develop and have every player improve as much as possible.  Playing time should be equal among every player to help each player develop as much as possible with the exception of any attendance or disciplinary issues.  Please see item #1 above for more details.

  12. Playing time will follow the above guidelines and is not to be questioned at any time.  If the above guidelines are not being followed, please contact the Club Director.  

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